Chocolate Granola Clusters--Weight Loss for Foodies

Chocolate Granola Clusters

I love the way my house smells when I'm making granola. I've tried a million different ways to make it, and nothing beats this one. I still toy with it a little each time, sometimes adding cardamom, cinnamon or ginger (or a combination), or reducing the brown sugar, but it's a great granola recipe that isn't too sweet.

One day after I took the granola out of the oven, I had this idea:  what would this taste like if I dredged it in dark chocolate? I was excited at the prospect.  And the results were delicious! 

It's so easy that I almost didn't make a recipe card. ENJOY!

Chocolate Granola Clusters
A delicious yet healthy treat that's really easy to make.
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  1. 2 cups chopped semi-sweet or bittersweet good quality chocolate. I use Callebaut Belgian.
  2. 1 to 1 1/2 cups of your favorite homemade granola
  3. 1/2 cup dried cherries or other fruit (if you don't have fruit in the granola already)
  1. 1. Put chocolate in a medium bowl and microwave on high for one minute. Stir with a rubber spatula. If there are still chunks remaining, microwave again for 20-30 seconds. Stir until smooth. If you do the melting slowly, you can get a good result without tempering. Be careful not to burn the chocolate!
  2. 2. Add 1 cup of granola and the dried fruit. Mix well with a rubber spatula. It should all be perfectly coated. If there is a lot of liquid chocolate remaining, add more granola. There should be no dry spots.
  3. 3. Line a baking sheet with wax paper. Drop heaping tablespoons full of the chocolate-granola mixture onto the sheet. Allow to harden before removing and eating. Putting it in a cool place will hasten this process.
  4. 4. Enjoy!
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