Words of Praise

Here is what some of the people Shari has coached have to say about their experience working with her...

Deborah Regan New Hampshire

Since I turned 50, a little over ten years ago, I’ve gained weight like never before in my life. When I turned to Shari for coaching, I wasn’t certain how this approach would differ from any other weight loss program. In fact, it differs in many ways! Shari’s coaching has helped me to identify my problem areas and how to approach food and eating in a whole new way. She’s supportive and encouraging, yet realistic and frank when needed. She encourages mindfulness when eating, which results in more enjoyment of favorite foods.

Since she’s been on this journey herself, she knows the successes and pitfalls of changing how we eat. She helped me to understand the perils of rewarding myself with food, instead of facing the emotions that we try to avoid by eating.

I would highly recommend Shari as a skilled coach, empathic listener, and expert guide on the journey to a more healthful relationship with food.

Sam Hunneman Maine

THE best part! Learning to not only stop over-eating, but to stop WANTING to over-eat. HUGE!! THIS IS HUGE, I tell you! Getting past the “food as pacifier/reward” and finding out that the guilt you’ve carried for years about cleaning your plate, wasting food, starving children in China is all just SO misplaced. You rock, Shari! Profound thanks.

Melissa O'Connor Maryland

I love this plan. It’s so freeing! I was ditching carbs, eating whole foods, gluten free and my weight was not changing. Now I look forward to eating, and I love it. I have lost 20 pounds and dropped two sizes! I still eat healthy foods, but give myself permission to eat the foods I want. Just small portions are satisfying … I think you found the key — moderation in all things. I am very grateful to you for this plan, it is changing my life.

Margaret M. Colorado

The most significant thing about my work with Shari is how much happier and in control of situations I feel now. Shari helped me see and clarify how to approach situations in ways that I feel good about, and will have a good outcome for me. Our work helped me achieve more peace with my life and helped me see the ways to accomplish my goals. I went from feeling helpless/doing nothing to feeling in control and proactive. The tools and strategies Shari provided helped me with all parts of my life-my job, marriage and all of the things I want to do on the side too. In a nutshell, I would describe the work we did as lifesaving. I went from wanting to quit my job to essentially controlling how I feel about it. There are so many ways that coaching helps and makes you happier.

Leisa, Nashville

In January, I found Shari Broder’s Weight Loss for Foodies and Ditch the Diet Tribe on Facebook. While Whole 30 methodologies were whispering to me in one ear, the new “diets don’t work” ideology was whispering in the other. Since June, I have not eaten a meal with a device or a magazine. I’ve noticed that I’m enjoying my food more. I now keep 70 percent cacao squares in my pantry. I eat about 2 ounces a day, usually, if I want them, as my joy food. My belly is shrinking. My boyfriend-style jeans fit comfortably. No muffin top. I still can’t get over their perfect fit.

I trust my body now. This process is slow, but so be it. I never realized how much I was overeating. I often eat half of what I used to eat. I am a healthy eater, but it is new for me to leave food on my plate. “It’s just a couple of strawberries,” or, “It’s just a few miniature tomatoes,” or “a bit of salad left,” I’ll say to myself. My new voice/self replies: “But, you’re full. Leave them.” I have worked this program enough to know about choice and control. I am in control, not those dark chocolate almond coated vanilla coconut popsicles in my fridge. This stuff WORKS. And this IS how it’s supposed to be. It’s like walking. We don’t need equipment to exercise. And we don’t need diet gizmo-logy to help us return to our natural weight. Our instrument is our body wisdom. I’ve become friends with mine in the department of food portions and when to stop, and I am thrilled. Thank you, Shari.

Gretchen SaywardMaine

I started my journey in January, and can now wear my clothes comfortably and feel great. When people notice my weight loss and ask how I have done it-my answer is that I only eat when I am hungry. (Who knew?) I want to thank you for your guidance and support. Unlike other times that I've tried to lose weight, I don't feel deprived or constantly think about food. It is not super fast but it is consistent and healthier than other ways to lose weight. You have made a big difference for me and I really appreciate it!​

Beth L. Massachusetts

I have never before been so honest with anyone about how I feel about being overweight. And so I have never before experienced the support and understanding that I have received from Shari. As a result, I feel more free from the habits of thought and action that cause me to gain weight than I ever have before. I also feel that I am on a path to more than weight loss – that I am learning how to live a lighter and more liberated life as a whole. Shari has been a tremendous help: smart, resourceful, encouraging, and inspiring.

M.C. Maine

Working with Shari was a wonderful experience. She helped me become more aware of my patterns and gave me concrete steps to take to begin to make real changes in my thinking and behavior. I thoroughly appreciate her work!

Elaine Maine

I thoroughly enjoyed my talks with Shari. I believe she’s chosen a career path that she understands very well. Sometimes all it took was a question from her to put my thoughts in order again without my even having to answer the question. Like a light bulb moment.

Gina Montminy Minnesota

Shari has been my life coach for a while. She has helped me set priorities and above all, not to worry about things that haven’t happened yet.

J.D.Y. Maine

You have already helped me by your empathy and insight. Anyone who wants to really get to the root cause of their fears (things that block them from following their dreams) would be wise to consult you.