EP. #3: The Scale You Need is the Hunger Scale

The Hunger Scale | The Weight Loss for Foodies Podcast

I have a great tool to share with you to use to prevent overeating. It helps you determine when to start and stop eating.  It’s called the Hunger Scale.  

The hunger scale is about your body’s hunger levels. When your brain tells you it wants food but your body isn’t hungry, that’s what I call “head hunger.” We’ll talk more about head hunger and how to deal with it in Episode 4.  

The hunger scale starts at number 1 which is ravenously hungry, and goes to number 10, which is really stuffed.

Learn how to use the Hunger Scale

In this episode, you’ll learn how to use the hunger scale to achieve your goal of losing weight and keeping it off.  

So download a copy of the hunger scale below, and place it near where you eat. Listen to this episode so you can start using it and losing it!


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