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EP. #8: The First Step Towards Ending Emotional Eating
When you were a baby, you would get hungry and cry. Then your parents or caregivers fed you. That is how human hunger is[...]
EP. #7: Becoming a Mindful Eater
Does this sound familiar? You start off Monday morning determined to eat better. You’re going to finally lose those extra pounds.[...]
EP. #6: Are You Ready to Lose Weight for Good?
It seems that most women I know say they really want to lose some weight. That’s not just because I’m a weight coach, either.[...]
EP. #5: The Four Different Ways of Eating
If you’re a foodie, eating delicious food is a pretty important source of pleasure in your life. Food should be delicious,[...]
EP. #4: The Difference Between Head Hunger and Body Hunger
Do you ever think things like: There’s nothing to do. Let’s see what’s in the kitchen. OR I feel lonely. Some cookies will help me feel[...]
EP. #3: The Scale You Need is the Hunger Scale
I have a great tool to share with you to use to prevent overeating. It helps you determine when to start and stop[...]

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