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EP. #16: How Foodies Can Enjoy Food on Vacation Without Gaining Weight
Are you planning to take a vacation this summer?  When you go on vacation, do you eat differently than you do at[...]
EP #15: Staying on Track – The Long & Winding Weight Loss Road
How many times have you decided that on Monday, you’re going to start a new diet and things will be[...]
EP #14: Where are You in the Four Stages of Weight Loss?
What do you think about being able to eat whatever you want AND ending overeating at the same time? Some people think these are[...]
EP. #13 – Why Avoiding “Forbidden Foods” Keeps You From Losing Weight
Do you have lists of foods you consider “bad” and “forbidden”?  Are you afraid to have certain foods in your[...]
EP. #12 – Time to Ditch the Diet and the Diet Mentality
You’ve probably read it a million times. Diets just don’t work. Only around 3% of dieters actually lose weight and keep it[...]
EP. #11:Are You Willing to Feel Some Discomfort?
Do you eat to avoid feeling negative emotions?   Have you ever considered what would happen if, instead of soothing yourself with[...]

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