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EP. #21: Eating and the Law of Diminishing Returns
You’ve probably heard of something called the Law of Diminishing Returns before. If you’re an economist, you know it well. In a nutshell,[...]
EP. #20 – The First Question to Ask Yourself if You Want to Lose Weight
You think you want to be slimmer, and maybe you even have a number you’d like to see on your[...]
EP. #19 – Five Ways to Improve Your Digestion AND Lose Weight
Eating mindfully is the single most effective way to lose weight and to maintain a healthy weight throughout your life. Studies[...]
EP. #18: Change Your Beliefs to Change Your Body
What unconscious beliefs do you have that are keeping you from losing weight?  What would you think if I told you that[...]
EP. #17: 20 Alternatives to Afternoon Snacking When You Aren’t Hungry
Are you someone who snacks a lot in the afternoon, regardless of whether you’re hungry?  If you are hungry, there’s nothing[...]
EP. #16: How Foodies Can Enjoy Food on Vacation Without Gaining Weight
Are you planning to take a vacation this summer?  When you go on vacation, do you eat differently than you do at[...]

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