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What Millennials Want Their Parents To Know About Facebook Etiquette

If you are the parent of a teenager or young adult, you’ve probably noticed how differently each generation uses and expresses itself on social media.  Maybe your kids have gotten upset about posts

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How to Find Out What is Behind Our Cravings

WANT TO END YOUR CRAVINGS? Why do we have cravings? Why do some people crave new clothes despite a full closet? Why do some people flirt with members of the opposite sex or have affairs when they are happily

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Do You Find Eating Boring?

DO YOU FIND EATING BORING? Maybe this will sound like a silly question, but most people I know aren’t really paying attention while they are eating.  They are usually doing something else.  

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Why NOT Fall in Love This Valentine’s Day?

What could possibly be wrong with a holiday that celebrates LOVE? I’ve been a fan of Valentine’s Day since I was a kid. I liked decorating shoeboxes and getting those goofy little punch out

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Are You Raising Your Children to be Approval Addicts?

We’ve all heard that being a parent is the hardest job on earth. I agree. But are we really making the job easier by teaching our children to obey us to obtain our approval and love? If you answer, “YES”

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Real Love Versus Infatuation

So many people have no idea that real love and infatuation are two very different things. It is therefore no wonder that so many marriages fail because they are entered into during the infatuation period

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