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Why Join the Tribe?

Ditch the Diet Tribe | Weight Loss for Foodies

I started my journey in Ditch the Diet Tribe in January. I can now wear my clothes comfortably and feel great. When people notice my weight loss and ask how I have done it-my answer is that I only eat when I am hungry. (Who knew?) I want to thank you for your guidance and support. Unlike other times that I’ve tried to lose weight, I don’t feel deprived or constantly think about food. It is not super fast but it is consistent and healthier than other ways to lose weight.

– Gretchen Sayward, Maine

You Are Encouraged To ...

  • Come with an open mind and an open heart
  • Don’t be afraid to be vulnerable
  • Leave your old beliefs about food, diets and eating at the door
  • Be open to trusting your body
  • Share your wins
  • Ask for advice or help
  • Offer your support
  • Inspire others
  • Provide feedback

Here's What Members of Ditch the Diet Tribe Are Saying ...

. . . First time ever that I was able to get through 2 consecutive holidays without overindulging and still made time for my swim workout. I’ve always eaten because it’s the holidays and every excuse not to have time to exercise, but not this year!

– AB

Thanks to Shari Broder, not only am I no longer addicted to food, but also much happier with my body! Losing weight is a bonus!

– BH

I'm doing GREAT! Thank you so much! It's truly the easiest and the most satisfying thing I've ever done I finally get it!

– AP

So awesome! Staying in that range keeps the overeating at bay. Having permission to eat anything when I'm hungry, while focusing on most eating to nourish my body has changed my mindset completely. Zero feeling of deprivation and down 7lbs. Thank you!


I've gotten serious about doing this really religiously for the past 2 months, really waiting until full and still trying to be better at stopping when full (although I rarely eat until uncomfortable anymore). Without demonizing any foods or utilizing "diet" thinking, I lost 7 pounds in that time, and I'm now down a total of 25 pounds. I was amazed and gratified. This stuff works!

– JG

With your advice I have lost 15 pounds since Jan 2. It all goes back to the fact that there are no forbidden foods so I don't have to binge today and restart a diet tomorrow. Ditch the Diet has done wonders for me!

– CC

Shari, your advice has helped me maintain my weight in spite of my post-menopausal decreased metabolism – as a result of the natural aging process. May not sound like much to some, but it's a huge deal to me and my self-esteem. I've retrained my eating habits in the past 13 years (e.g., eat only when I'm hungry) and it's been much less stressful with your teachings and encouragement. So I too, thank you very much.

– JR

Shari, I want to thank you for helping me to finally, after 50 years, get my eating under control. Mindful eating was a big step for me and not eating when I wasn't hungry another. I eat healthy meals most of the time. Every now and then I indulge, but without guild, because I know I'll be back on track with my next meal. It's been very liberating. My heartfelt thanks...

– DD

I really depend on the podcasts too. It's just the way I want to go on this weight loss journey. You've helped me lose almost 40 pounds.


I love, love, love your approach to this weight loss journey we are all on! For decades, I’ve tried to get a handle on my eating habits, but when you explain how you’ve had success and are so eager to share your thoughts and experience, it’s so heartwarming because you are so passionate about sharing what you’ve learned from your own weight loss journey!!

Every night I listen to your episodes, over and over, but never tire of hearing what you are sharing...it’s just what I need to hear!!!! 

Thank you so much for your podcasts, you are finally my answer to years of thinking losing weight was impossible for ME❣️

– PO

A Few Tiny Rules & Requests ...

I’m not a big rule person, but I want this to be a place filled with love, support, encouragement, vulnerability, open-heartedness and maybe even some magic. In that spirit, I am asking that you please avoid doing the following:

  1. NO promotions or pitches of your business or any business of any kind. This includes blog posts that you wrote, free calls or giveaways, posting of links to your website, facebook group, YouTube channel, etc. If you think it would serve the group, PM me and ask first. If you post a promotion for a specific diet (i.e. Keto, South Beach, Weight Watchers) or diet foods like meal replacement shakes or bars (Isagenix, Arbonne, Slimfast, etc.), I will remove your post. If you continue to do it, I will either mute you or remove you from the group.

  2. This group is about ditching diets, ending emotional eating and overeating, and learning to eat in tune with our body’s signals, so let’s keep it to that. Our philosophy is that there are no forbidden foods, and that it's how and why you eat them that matters. If you’re in the group and are still on the diet hamster wheel anyway, experimenting with the latest diet fad, cutting out carbs or whatever – please don’t report about how you’re doing on your diet. Save that for a different group.

  3. Please, no political discussions. There are lots of other opportunities on line to do this. This group is about healthy eating, ending emotional eating, losing weight and good health. Thanks!

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