EP. #104: Guided Mindful Eating Meditation Exercise

Guided Mindful Eating Meditation Exercise | Weight Loss for Foodies Podcast

This week’s podcast is different from the usual format.

It’s a guided mindful eating practice.  There is no theme music. 

To do this guided practice, you will need to be hungry and have something available to eat. 

Make sure it is a food you enjoy. It can be a cookie, piece of fruit, piece of chocolate, a few nuts, raisins, or some popcorn. Something like that.

Do it sitting down at a table where you have no distractions. Turn off the TV, keep your smart phone out of reach. 

It is best to do it by yourself or with someone else who is interested. 

The point of this exercise is not that you’re going to eat this way whenever you eat. It is to give you the opportunity to experience food in a different way and to see  what you observe and learn from this experience.

As you do the guided practice, be prepared to stop the recording as needed.

If you’re in Ditch the Diet Tribe, my free Facebook group, I encourage you to share your mindful eating experience there. If you aren’t a member yet, you can request to join here

I strongly encourage you to practice eating consciously for the reasons I discussed in last week’s episode.




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