EP. #112: 4 Ways to Manage Boredom Without Eating

4 Ways to Manage Boredom Without Eating | Weight Loss for Foodies Podcast

Have you been bored while sheltering in place?

Are you eating more because you’re bored? 

Learning to manage and even eliminate boredom will help you feel better both mentally and physically. And will end boredom eating!

Jon Kabat-Zinn said, “When you pay attention to boredom, it gets unbelievably interesting.”

Although it’s no surprise that people are experiencing more of it right now, the reality is that boredom is a modern luxury. 

It’s a first world problem. It was literally nonexistent until the industrial revolution. 

Yet  surveys show that between 30 and 90 percent of American adults experience boredom at some point in their daily lives, as do 91 percent to 98 percent of youth.  

In this episode, we look at:

  1. Some of the causes of boredom...
  2. Who may be more prone to it...
  3. The real reason why you feel bored during the pandemic (it’s not what you think)...
  4. What can you do about it, AND...
  5. How to avoid boredom eating.

While this pandemic is unlike anything else this world has experienced in our lifetime, we will get to the other side of it. Spend some time thinking about what you’ll do when the pandemic is over. Will you make permanent changes? How will your life be changed as part of this experience?




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