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Podcast, Weight Coaching | July 28, 2020  | by  Shari Broder | 0 COMMENT

Are you merely consuming content about weight loss, or are you actually doing the work? 

“No great achievement is possible without persistent work.” 

Those words of Bertrand Russell are applicable to changing your eating habits, achieving food freedom and reaching your healthy weight.

Sure, you can listen to a podcast episode once and hear me explain how to manage your emotions so that you don’t eat when you aren’t hungry.  You can know how to manage your thinking. But if, when you get the urge to eat because you’re upset about something, you don’t coach yourself, and instead you eat to avoid your feelings, nothing will change. 

When you’re trying to change lifelong habits, just having the knowledge of how to fix it doesn’t go very far.

You can learn many things, but if you don’t put them into practice, you’ll go nowhere.

This week’s podcast is about the three keys to success in weight management, good health, and pretty much everything else in life: commitment, persistence and consistency. 

Listen below to learn how to do more than just know what to do. Learn the six things you must do to put your knowledge to good use!

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About the author 

Shari Broder

My mission is to help foodies ditch dieting and lose the weight for good. Discover what is really causing your weight issues (it isn't that you love food!), and learn how to stop obsessing about food and make peace with food and eating. Get off the diet hamster wheel once and for all and learn to eat consciously, stop emotional eating and enjoy the foods you love while permanently losing your desire to overeat.

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Meet Shari

I am passionate about helping women lose weight without dieting by teaching them how to trust their inner wisdom and make peace with food and eating.  I love teaching women how to get off the diet hamster wheel by learning how to eat consciously, stop emotional eating and enjoy foods they love while losing their desire to overeat along with their excess weight.