EP. #134: Setbacks are Bruises, Not Tattoos

Setbacks are Bruises, Not Tattoos | Weight Loss for Foodies Podcast

How often do you let a setback cause you to toss in the towel? 

If you give up on your goals just because you made a mistake, you need to know this: Setbacks are a normal part of change.

To quote Gareth Michael, “Each mistake is simply a lesson waiting to be discovered.” 

Think about how that approach could change your ability to succeed at making the changes you want in your life. 

No one who sets out to change a habit does it perfectly. We’re humans, and humans make mistakes, especially when we’re learning to do something differently. 

One of the most important abilities you must have to make permanent changes to your eating habits is the ability to get back on track after you’ve messed up. That is the difference between the people who reach their goals and those who don’t. 

Listen below to learn how this simple change in your approach can make all the difference in whether you succeed or give up.  The only way you can truly fail is by giving up. 

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