EP. #17: 20 Alternatives to Afternoon Snacking When You Aren’t Hungry

20 Alternatives to Afternoon Snacking When You Aren’t Hungry | Weight Loss for Foodies Podcast

Are you someone who snacks a lot in the afternoon, regardless of whether you’re hungry?  

If you are hungry, there’s nothing wrong with having an afternoon snack. I am often hungry around 4:00 p.m., and because I believe in honoring my body’s signals, I will eat a snack or small meal.

​Have you ever thought about WHY you snack?

A lot of people snack in the afternoon out of habit. They don’t think about whether they’re hungry. Eating a snack is part of their routine. When we have habits, we tend to do things without thinking.  

Often the people I coach have a habit of eating in the afternoon, but it isn’t because they’re hungry. I’ve heard all kinds of excuses for afternoon snacking, most commonly: 

  1. I’m tired
  2. I worked so hard today that I deserve this treat 
  3. I need a break 
  4. I’m low on energy 

If you aren’t hungry, food isn’t going to fix the problem. Instead, it will store the energy from your snack as fat, thus undermining your weight loss efforts. 

Listen to the podcast for some ideas for ways to care for yourself instead of eating a snack when you aren’t hungry.




Body scan meditations or yoga nidra: Insight Meditation Timer appYoga By Nature podcast also has some of the best ones! 

(There's also an app and they're available where you get your podcasts)


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