EP. #65: Can You Be Body Positive and Want to Lose Weight?

Can You Be Body Positive and Want to Lose Weight? | Weight Loss for Foodies Podcast

Does being “body positive” mean that you can’t want to change your body?

Does promoting a healthy, sane approach to food and eating, which may also involve weight loss, fly in the face of body positivity?

What really is body positivity anyway?

Loving your body and appreciating all is does for you is something everyone must do if you want to be truly happy and confident, regardless of your size. If you go through life being dissatisfied with your body, or worse, hating it, either because you don’t meet other people’s standards or your own, you will suffer.

That’s no way to live.

Remember that your worth as a human being has absolutely ZERO to do with how much you weigh and what your body looks like.

Loving and appreciating your body and wanting it to be healthier or lighter aren’t mutually exclusive.

There is also nothing wrong with trying to be your healthiest or losing weight to look the way YOU want to, rather than how someone else thinks you should look. 

Listen below to learn what body positivity means and the importance of accepting and appreciating your body before you can change it.




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