EP. #79: It Probably Isn’t Your Genes

It Probably Isn't Your Genes | Weight Loss for Foodies Podcast

Have you been assuming that the reason you can’t lose weight is because being overweight runs in your family? 

Is almost everyone in your family overweight? 

Do you believe that genetics are causing your weight problem?

Research on families and obesity has shown that children of overweight parents have a whopping 80 percent chance of being overweight themselves, but that genetics plays a very small part in that determination.  

What seems to matter most is your family environment.

So while you probably can’t blame your parents for giving you “bad genes,” they may have taught you bad eating habits. Or created an unfavorable eating culture. 

Family dynamics and home environment have a much larger effect on weight than genetics. MUCH larger. That doesn’t mean that you didn’t inherit genes that put you at a higher risk for obesity. Maybe you did, but it also doesn’t mean that being an unhealthy weight is your destiny.

You aren’t destined to have your mother’s body! You can overcome any genetic predisposition by changing your habits.

Listen below to learn more. 

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