Does that sound like a strange topic for a podcast?

Am I going to teach you how to transform from Clark Kent into Superman? 

From Peter Parker into Spiderman? 

Not THAT kind of identity change. 

It’s about working with your subconscious mind to create your subconscious identity as a person who is naturally slim. You don’t have to wait until you lose weight to view yourself and act like someone who is naturally slim. In fact, your chances of success will be much greater if you start being that person RIGHT NOW. 

You have to stop thinking of yourself as an overweight person who struggles to lose weight and develop an identity that will support your goals!

So listen to learn how to change your subconscious brain, which is where your current identity resides, into one that matches that naturally slim person deep inside you! 




About the Author Shari Broder

I'm passionate about helping foodies ditch dieting and lose the weight for good. Discover what is really causing your weight issues (it isn't that you love food!), and learn how to stop obsessing about food and make peace with food and eating. I love teaching women how to get off the diet hamster wheel and learn to eat consciously, stop emotional eating and enjoy the foods they love while permanently losing their desire to overeat.

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