Is Your Brain Like a Messy Closet?

Is your brain a messy closet?

Sometimes my brain reminds me of a messy closet.

My closet has a bunch of new and old clothes and shoes and other stuff in it. Some of these clothes I wear all the time. Others I have literally forgotten were even there.

My brain is like that, too.  I have millions of thoughts and memories in my brain.  Some I use a lot, and some I can barely remember.

When my brain is like a messy closet, I can’t find the right thoughts when I need them.  I can’t remember things that I want to remember. I forget important things. Thoughts are flung around here and there, and sometimes the ones I need most are under a pile of other thoughts that I really don’t need at all. I’m talking about those unproductive thoughts that seem to be on auto repeat like, “How can anyone possibly like that presidential candidate?”  or “I can’t believe that guy was so obnoxious!” Think of how much unnecessary brain clutter those thoughts cause!

This is why we need to treat our minds like a messy closet.  We need to clean them up.  This is what coaching is all about. We can organize the messy closet of our minds by coaching ourselves or hiring a coach to help us. Or both.

I coach myself daily.  I look at the tornadoes of thoughts going through my head each morning.

“I have too much to do today!  How will I ever get it all done?”

“I forgot to renew my car registration, and the town office is closed tomorrow! Now what?”

“Gotta remember that doctor’s appointment!” “We ran out of olive oil! How am I going to cook dinner?”

Before sifting through the pile of thoughts in disarray in my brain, I take a deep breath.

I start with one thought. I take the biggest, messiest thought off the top of the pile.  I ask myself, “What is causing me to feel overwhelmed, like I’ll never get everything done?” I know that feeling overwhelmed definitely makes me less productive. Without cleaning up and organizing this mess of thoughts, I would be practically assured of not getting done what I need to that day.

I think, “How do I want to feel?” Peaceful and competent.

“What thought would help me feel that way?”

“I am a very productive person and I always get the essentials done.” Then I take a look at my ‘to do’ list for the day, and make sure it only contains those things that need doing and that I can complete today without making myself crazy.

By simply managing the biggest problem thought, I take care of a few other thoughts flying around. I’m feeling better already.

When I manage my thoughts this way, it is amazing how much easier it is to access the ones I really need. Just like how you can always find your favorite sweater in your closet when you put it where it belongs, and it isn’t under a pile of clothes you rarely wear.

I’m happier. I’m at peace. I feel good about myself and my place in the world. I’m ready to have a fabulous day!

If your brain is like a messy closet, scattered and confused, it is time to straighten it up. Coaching is a great way to start.

In addition to helping my clients organize and clean up their thinking, and leverage their inner wisdom and hearts to have the life they want, I teach them how to coach themselves so they can do their own cleanup on a regular basis.

Coaching changed my life radically for the better. It can change yours, too. Click HERE to sign up for a free, exploratory, no obligation coaching call and see if you think it can do the same for you.

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