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I started my journey in Ditch the Diet Tribe in January. I can now wear my clothes comfortably and feel great. When people notice my weight loss and ask how I have done it-my answer is that I only eat when I am hungry. (Who knew?) I want to thank you for your guidance and support. Unlike other times that I’ve tried to lose weight, I don’t feel deprived or constantly think about food. It is not super fast but it is consistent and healthier than other ways to lose weight.

Gretchen Sayward, --Maine

A few tiny rules and requests:

I’m not a big rule person, but I want this to be a place filled with love, support, encouragement, vulnerability,openheartedness and maybe even some magic. In that spirit, I am asking that you please avoid doing the following:

1.     NO promotions or pitches of your business or any business of any kind. This includes blog posts that you wrote, free calls or giveaways, posting of links to your website, facebook group, YouTube channel, etc. If you think it would serve the group, PM me and ask first. If you post a promotion for a specific diet (i.e. Keto, South Beach, Weight Watchers) or diet foods like meal replacement shakes or bars (Isagenix, Arbonne, Slimfast, etc.), I will remove your post. If you continue to do it, I will either mute you or remove you from the group.

2.     This group is about ditching diets, ending emotional eating and overeating, and learning to eat in tune with our body’s signals, so let’s keep it to that. If you’re in the group and are still on the diet hamster wheel anyway, experimenting with the latest diet fad, please don’t report about how you’re doing on your diet. Save that for a different group.

3.     Please, no political discussions. There are lots of other opportunities on line to do this. This group is about healthy eating, ending emotional eating, losing weight and good health. Thanks!

You are encouraged to:

  • Come with an open mind and an open heart
  • don’t be afraid to be vulnerable
  • leave your fear at the door
  • share your wins
  • ask for advice or help
  • offer your support
  • inspire others
  • provide feedback

Meet Shari

I am passionate about helping women who have tried just about every diet there is and are afraid they’ll never permanently lose weight. I teach them how to stop emotional eating and to enjoy foods they love while losing their desire to overeat and their excess weight for good.
Healthy Weight Loss for Foodies!
Contact me at lifecoach@sharibroder.com