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Blog, Weight Coaching | March 13, 2018  | by  Shari Broder | 2 COMMENT
Lose the Weight for Good with the Weight Loss for Foodies Podcast | Weight Loss for Foodies

Like many of you reading this, I struggled with my weight for years. I struggled for most of my life.

And like many of you, I tried diet after diet. Every now and then, I’d find one that I could stay on long enough to lose a decent amount of weight. Then I’d go off the diet for one reason or another and go back to the way I always ate.

And I got the same results I always got when I did that. I gained weight.

I thought I knew everything there was to know about food and eating and diets. 

But I really didn’t know much at all. Yes, I knew how many calories were in every food I ate, but knowing that didn’t help me to lose weight.

I wanted to be thinner, yet I kept gaining weight.

That’s because I didn’t understand some very important things about weight loss and about my relationship with food. I ate compulsively. I ate as a way to distract myself from negative emotions. Maybe you do that too. 

Then I signed up to work with a weight coach in a group program, and everything changed. Instead of counting calories or carbs or fat or points, I could eat the foods I loved. All I had to do was change HOW and WHY I ate. No food was off limits. No deprivation!

I learned how to eat the way naturally slim people eat. And for the first time ever, I lost weight without a lot of effort. 

AND I didn’t gain it back, either!

Although I imagined that things would change if I lost weight, like that I could wear certain clothes, and would look better in them, I was clueless about the best parts. 

The surprises. The things that started to happen that I didn’t even realize were possible.

Like that I would actually stop overeating. And not even desire to overeat! I wasn’t even aware that I had been overeating. 

Like stopping eating for emotional reasons. I no longer thought of turning to food when I felt sad or angry or bored.

Best of all, I could have a peaceful relationship with food and eating! 

These were things that I never even realized were possible. 

I was so excited, not only about having finally lost the weight but about not having to waste my time obsessing about my body, food, eating and diets, that I decided I had to share what I learned with every other person who struggles like I used to.

And that’s why, starting on March 20, I’m launching the Weight Loss for Foodies Podcast. Because I want to teach anyone who wants to listen, for free and without commercials, everything you need to know to lose weight and keep it off in a sane and sustainable way.

The Weight Loss for Foodies Podcast With Shari Broder

I want to help YOU arrive at this special place, too! 

I’ve been writing about Weight Loss for Foodies in my blog, and will continue to do so, but nowadays many people, including me, like learning things by listening to podcasts. 

So hop on over to iTunes (or wherever you listen to podcasts) next Tuesday, and download the first few episodes. Subscribe so that you don’t miss any. There will be a new podcast every week with tips, tools and ideas to help you reach your weight goals.

And stop by my website, sharibroder.com/podcasts for show notes and links to some of those tools.

C'mon, let’s go on this weight loss journey together!

About the author 

Shari Broder

My mission is to help foodies ditch dieting and lose the weight for good. Discover what is really causing your weight issues (it isn't that you love food!), and learn how to stop obsessing about food and make peace with food and eating. Get off the diet hamster wheel once and for all and learn to eat consciously, stop emotional eating and enjoy the foods you love while permanently losing your desire to overeat.

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