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Food isn't the problem. It's HOW and WHY you eat.  

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EP. #47: How Using Your Brain Helps You Lose Weight
Ready to learn the neuroscience behind how managing your thinking affects your decisions about whether to eat when you aren't[...]
EP. #46: Resolve to be Kind to Yourself
How did the holidays go for you on the eating front? Did you overeat, or did you approach the holidays[...]
EP. #45: How to Know When to Stop Eating
Happy New Year! I want this to be your healthiest year yet! Do you have trouble knowing when to stop[...]
EP. #44: This Year, Resolve NOT to Go on a Diet, Detox or Cleanse
It’s that time of year when people are overeating holiday food like it’s their last meal!At the same time, they’re[...]
EP. #43: Listen to This When You Want to Overeat
You’ve got the urge. You really want to eat! But you aren’t hungry. It’s okay.  It doesn’t mean anything is[...]
EP. #42: The 2 Reasons for Eating
Why do you reach for food?Because you’re hungry?Because it’s there?Because you like the taste?To help you relax? Feel nurtured?To improve[...]

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