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Food isn't the problem. It's HOW and WHY you eat.  

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EP. #56: Eight Best Ideas You Learned This Year, Part 1
It’s the Weight Loss for Foodies podcast’s one year anniversary! I started this podcast because I struggled with eating and my[...]
EP. #55: Is Inadequate Sleep Hindering Your Weight Loss Efforts?
Do you have some days when you feel hungry all day, no matter how much you eat? That might be[...]
EP. #54: Should You Weigh Yourself?
There isn’t much that incites fear in weight-conscious people like the bathroom scale! Do you avoid the scale like the[...]
EP. #53: 11 Tips for Staying on Track
You’re trying to lose weight. You’ve been down this road so many times before. Too many. But you aren’t ready[...]
EP. #52: The Best Thing About Losing Weight
Have you ever really thought about why you want to lose weight?I mean, seriously thought about it.Maybe you think it[...]
EP. #51: How to Really Enjoy Joy Foods
There are certain foods that we love because they taste great, but they have little or no nutritional value.  I[...]

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