Services and Fees

Grievance Arbitration, Interest Arbitration, Fact-finding, Collaborative Negotiations and Mediation:

PER DIEM: $1600 for hearing, research, and preparation of the opinion and award.  A hearing day is any portion of a day up to eight hours.  Time for preparation, research, and writing is prorated.

Cancellation Policy: If the scheduled hearing is postponed or cancelled with notice of less than two calendar weeks (14 days), the per diem fee for each day of hearing scheduled shall be charged.

TRAVEL TIME of four hours or more per hearing day is billed at 1/2 the per diem rate and is prorated (i.e. four hours of travel is charged at $400 per day).  There is no charge for travel time under four hours per hearing day. Travel time is not charged if the combined hearing and travel time does not exceed eight hours.

EXPENSES: Arbitrator Broder charges actual cost of reasonable expenses, including travel, accommodations and meals.  Automobile mileage is charged at the applicable IRS expense rate.

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