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Why Wait Until Next Year? | Weight Loss for Foodies

Every year, we all know at least one person who has made a New Year’s resolution to lose weight. It’s the first of the year, a fresh start, a new page.

A huge percentage of these folks will start a new “diet” and not succeed. Here are some depressing statistics: two out of five will quit within the first seven days, and only one out of five last the entire month on their “diet.” That means most people wait until January 1st to start a diet that they’ll stay on for a week or maybe a month before they quit!

If you are serious about really losing weight and keeping it off, there is no reason to wait another month to start making changes. In fact, there are some real advantages to starting right now!

One advantage often overlooked is that starting now will prevent you from doing what most people do over the holidays: gain weight. Why add more weight when your goal is to take it off? Think of it this way. If you normally gain two pounds over the holidays, and you start making changes to your eating today, thus causing you to lose four pounds in December, you will start the year four pounds lighter, rather than two pounds heavier. Think of it as having six fewer pounds than you would on January 1st.

Notice how I’ve said “make changes.” The real reason to start now is that if you want to lose weight permanently, you shouldn’t go on a “diet.” You need a different approach. Instead, start by figuring out why you are overweight in the first place, and make some permanent changes to how you eat. Life isn’t something that you are either ON or OFF, so why should it be different for how and what you eat?

That is what I did. I stopped going on diets, figured out why I was overeating, made some changes that have made me much happier than eating when I wasn’t hungry did, and lost 45 pounds. If you start now with my approach, next year, you probably won’t even want to overeat during the holidays. You will have learned to abhor that overstuffed feeling where you feel like you need a crane to help you move from the table to the couch. You’ll learn to love that light feeling of giving your body the amount of food it needs to feel great. You’ll be able to sit down to Thanksgiving dinner and eat whatever you love, but not overeat it. You will feel great about yourself, too! Think of the freedom in that!

To permanently reduce your weight, you need to learn to eat like those people you admire (and maybe envy) who are naturally thin. They eat what they want, but they rarely overeat. They don’t starve themselves some times and binge other times. They listen to their bodies. They feel hunger signals and respond to them. They don’t eat because they’re stressed out or their boyfriend broke up with them. Their relationship with food is sane and balanced. There are no forbidden foods, so food doesn’t have power over them.

So why wait another month to start eating like a healthy, naturally thin person? Get a head start. The time will pass anyway, so why not start slimming down now? You can still eat your favorite Christmas cookies! But how about trying a new approach with them, like savoring every bite instead of downing six or eight while barely tasting them?

If you’re ready to get off the diet-weight gain roller coaster, and learn how to enjoy food without seeking pleasure from it at your own expense, check out how my coaching programs can help by clicking here.

Why wait?

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